Friday, July 12, 2013

Thank you Earrings Everyday

More specifically Keirsten of the Cerebral Dilettante, please check out her etsy shop Lune before I buy everything. Good design is always a draw for me with Keirsten's jewelry but what gets my heart racing is the quality of her craftsmanship, she is the whole package.

I am grateful because I have customers that have visited and purchased from my shop as a direct result of Keirsten's Earrings Everyday post.

Earrings by Keirsten of Lune, sorry these are mine. If you would like to see these in person I will be wearing them at Bead Fest this August.

 Earrings Everyday is the brainchild of Heather Powers and the fact that it is a great source of inspiration and marketing tool is no great surprise. If you follow Heather's blog as I have, her business is well run and she is constantly adapting to a changing marketplace by implementing new ideas. I know this because she is always very generous with information on how she runs her business, so if you are new or even an experienced small business owner I would highly recommend following her blog.

I also am grateful to my customers that use my components in their jewelry designs that are published in magazines and books. You do all the work and I benefit from being resourced in the publication. The list of jewelry designers that have done this for me is too long to name. But Lorelei and Kerry spring to mind, since they were some of the first.

Please if you know of any future publications that my components are in as a result of your designs, let me know. Most times I don't find out until I am thumbing through a magazine and I recognize one of my components. It is worth your while, I have been known to send coupon codes for the shop as a thank you. I do realize some of you do not know until the last minute as well.

I am always grateful for my customers support.

But I am also very grateful to the creative community that I have come to know over the past few years and I don't think I say that enough.


lunedreams said...

Thank YOU Anne, the pleasure was all mine! I loved designing with these little tulip caps, they're so unique and organic looking, and your enamel color palettes are so inspiring! It is so nice to be able to design with truly unique and beautiful components.

Marie Cramp said...

Keirsten really is a gem <3 Love her to bits! What an amazing artist!
Of course I love your components too and keep stopping in and wanting to empty your shop ;) I know someday soon I will! lol

Earrings Style said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I am very new to the craft and need all the help I can get!