Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No new listings this week

However the shop is still loaded with inventory because of the huge restocking with glass and enamel before I went on vacation.

So much so that I am still building my inventory back up, and I am also waiting for some new stampings to arrive for enameling.

I have been really pleased with the results of increasing my inventory in the shop in June, business has been brisk. I hope that means that you are all doing well at the summer shows. Selling some items I can make close matches of in lots has been a time saver for me. For you I hope it has helped you avoid missing out on an item because it already has sold.

My next listing date will be July 31st, I will go through the shop and see what needs restocking.

In the meantime I am in the studio everyday preparing for Bead Fest. As usual getting a little nervous, even though I do many shows a year this is my biggest one. I will just keep making things until I have no time left.

Speaking of Bead Fest I will be in booth #561 this August in Philadelphia.

Here is a link to the floorplan, that is me against the wall across from Artisans Alley in a 10 x 10 booth.

I am really looking forward to more space for me and my customers in that booth, I do hope it is a good business decision. Last year when it was too crowded in front of my table I saw customers walk away, I can't blame them I would do the same thing. With more space I can spread out my items and increase the convenience factor for my customers finding the exact component and/or bead they need.

I will be back with more details and deals in the coming weeks before Bead Fest, so stay tuned.

I am now accepting custom orders again.

If it gets too crazy with the show prep I will let you know ASAP. But I do like my customers to be able to get what they want, especially if you have had items that have been selling well at your summer shows.