Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Enameled Pairs

I kept my promise and in the next two weeks I will be posting some new items I have introduced this year that have been popular at my shows and I will be adding to my online enamel collection.

These are pairs of a stylized ginkgo leaf, they are 32mm high and 25mm at the widest point. As you can see they are opposites, which I try to do whenever possible, because they look so much better if you choose to make earrings. There is one large loop at the top, and these would look great with some chain dangling from behind these enameled leaves.

They are $10 a pair, all of the pieces in the photos are ready made and you will be receiving the exact pair you see in the photo. I do have another 10 pairs waiting to be enameled so if the color you want has been claimed, or you want more than one pair just let me know in the comments and I will get in touch with you. I would be happy to make what you need and even send photos for approval if desired.

To claim the pairs in the photos and make any other requests just let me know the color name I have indicated in each photo, and it will be yours, on a first come first served basis. I can accept payment via paypal or set up a reserved listing in my ETSY shop.

If you would like to make an additional purchase in my ETSY shop I have free domestic shipping right now, the coupon code is FREESHIPPING. I was going to end it on Thanksgiving but I will continue this coupon for the next couple weeks for your last minute shopping in the shop and/or right here on the  blog.

I will keep you all posted in the comments section if I run out of pairs, but don't worry I will be ordering more. I need to get ready for Tucson.

Thanks, Anne

   Gingko in Autumn                                                         

Ginkgo in Teal

Ginkgo in Lime

Ginkgo in Peppermint

Gingko in Aqua

Gingko in Eggplant

Friday, November 20, 2015

What I have been up to the past year and a half

It has been so long since I have blogged, I guess life got in the way.
 Last time I was here I was doing 18 shows in one year, way too much, lesson learned. In the handmade world we have to make our own inventory, so time in the studio to make stuff and think of new stuff is super important. 
 I had a house to purge and sell. When you have a big house you can put off all those decisions to get rid of stuff, this was a technique I mastered. Now I am in the third sequel of the purge and I am actually enjoying it. The key is to just begin somewhere, no matter how overwhelming, and given time you will see progress.

Love the new old house, since it was built over 100 years ago it feels weird calling it a new house. Still unpacking and making more decisions regarding what objects are most meaningful to me, which is another good lesson that has been put off way too long. Clutter is my middle name but when it comes to 100 years of paint on woodwork I have OCD, so I am doing my best to keep my heat gun under lock and key until the house is in order.
I have been fired. Yes I am an empty nester, and after all having an independent child capable of her own  mistakes and successes is the goal. My daughter was finally able to release herself from my clutches, and it's all good.  Thank goodness for my bead business, making stuff has filled that space in my life and opened up a whole new world of friends, creativity, and new places to explore.
I also had a brief three month job in the world of retail, which only reinforced that my place is in the studio and my work needs to be making stuff for you. 
Before I head to Tucson in February I will be making some decisions about a website, polishing up my logo, adding more up to date photos, and SELLING OOAK ENAMELED PIECES AND LAMPWORK GLASS BEADS RIGHT OFF MY BLOG!!! 
Thanks for visiting, Anne
Check out the information below for a domestic free shipping coupon code !!!!!!!
The coupon code is FREESHIPPING, it is for domestic only, the coupon will be active thru Thanksgiving day!

All of my international customers will get additional freebies to make up for no free shipping, you won't be disappointed.

I did have a few orders yesterday and today, and I will refund your shipping. I hate it when there is a deal right after I make a purchase.
But starting now you MUST use the coupon code to get free domestic shipping, it's mentioned here, in my etsy shop announcement, my business facebook page, and my personal facebook page. 

No need for my international customers to use the coupon code I will know to include extras.

Have fun and thank you for supporting my etsy shop while I was out of town.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer 10% Off Sale and Free Domestic Shipping

Believe it or not I am a little ahead of schedule with my listings this week.

As promised my goal this Summer in between shows and getting my home on the market is to fill my shop with all the enameled "Made to Order" choices I have available.

I just added over 200 choices and there will be more to come. 

If there is a specific color that you see in my sold section that is not in the shop yet you can place a custom order. I always send photos of custom orders for your approval before I request payment.

Unlike the past any sale in the shop will also apply to all custom orders.

Changes in the Shop

- As I have mentioned in the past I will only make a "Made to Order" piece if I feel confident that the order you receive will be as close as possible to the photos. Keeping in mind that I apply all of the enamel and make all of my glass beads by hand.

-  As stated in the product description I will need about five business days to make your order. Sometimes it may take longer sometimes it may take less time, depending on my volume of orders and my show schedule. If you need your "Made to Order" items within 5 business days please contact me via my Etsy shop and I will let you know what I can do.

-  When I have a sale in the shop it will also apply to any custom order, glass or enamel. This is a change in my past policy.

- Keep in mind that a glass custom order takes much longer, again I will be in communication with you regarding the specifics.

-  I have added a new Etsy feature to most of my enameled pieces in the shop. On the right side of each item you will now have a choice to order most of my enamel pieces as a single or a matched pair. If you want both singles and matched pairs of an item you will need to place two separate orders, one for the number of singles and one for the number of pairs. 

-  When you order a pair it will always be as close of a match as it can be for handmade.

- In some cases I have offered a reduced price for a matched pair, this only applies to a pair that is the same color not two different colors.

Current Sale

I am starting the sale I promised this Friday tonight since the orders are starting to come in.

The sale is for 10% off everything in the shop and the coupon code is:


There is also Free Domestic Shipping off everything in the shop, you don't have to do anything for that I have already changed it for each item.

I am sorry I can't off an equivalent shipping discount for my international customers, on average I pay an extra $2 postage for every international order. I cannot bring myself to raise the shipping, but this may have to happen in the future for domestic and international orders. 

However, I will add a little extra surprise for my international customers, hope that helps.

The sale will begin now and end next Thursday, June 26th, at midnight East coast time.

I am on my way to an Innovative Show in Doylestown, PA this weekend, so I will not be able to start any of these orders until early next week. If you place an order I will send you a message via Etsy with specifics.

Since there is a sale in the shop all of my customers in Doylestown this weekend will get 10% off on any order all weekend, no coupon required.

Thanks everyone for your patience the past several months. I totally underestimated the time it would take to prepare my home for market and also how much studio time would be sacrificed preparing for shows. As a result my online Etsy shop has suffered.

I said this would be a test year for shows, and I certainly have been tested.  There is no point in meeting new customers at shows if there is no online opportunity for them to purchase my handmade items.  A better balance between my shows and my online presence is starting to take shape.

Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Heading to Bead and Button

I will be exhibiting at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 5th-8th. I will also be participating in a preview show called Moonlight Madness on June 3rd, so if you are there early or taking a class come visit and get a sneak peek.

I will be exhibiting in booth #1227 please come by and say hello, it will be the first time for me at this show. 

Visit my blog and click the coupon tab and print out your 10% off coupon it will work for any Gardanne purchase for the duration of the show.

Heres a link to my blog:

Bead and Button link:

My shop is on vacation but I am not so I can prepare for this show and get our house on the market, its been quite the juggling act. My Etsy shop will reopen on June 13th and I will finally have all of my enamel choices that can be made to order in the shop. I will also have a 10% off sale and free domestic shipping for a few days, so if you can't make it to the Bead and Button show you won't feel left out.