Monday, July 22, 2013

Another sale

I was checking out my glass supplies and I am running low, because I have been waiting for this week to arrive.

The International Society of Glass Beadmakers will be having their annual conference right here in Rochester, NY. One of the best parts of this conference being local is the shopping, and I plan on restocking my glass supplies with my standbys but also some new and exciting colors.

I am going to try and be good in the tool department but I know one vendor that I will be purchasing from. I also need an Oxygen concentrator which is a big ticket item, about $1500, I am hoping I may be able to get a deal if the vendor is at the show.

So in an effort to increase my cash flow I have decided to move up my usual Bead Fest sale and have it now, the sale will continue until Natalie's 19th birthday on the 31st of July.

The coupon code for this sale is 


Just put it in the spot that ETSY provides before checkout and 15 % will automatically be deducted from your order.

If there is anything in the shop that you have your eyes on especially glass take advantage of the the sale. Because I will probably be bringing my shop inventory to Bead Fest in August,especially if I am panicking about not having enough items. This will be the the last sale for the summer.

My intentions are always so optimistic when I talk about new listings in the shop before Bead Fest, but it just is not going to happen I really need to stock up for that show I am so far behind. But fortunately I have over 500 choices in the shop still, so you have plenty of choices, and I promise I won't touch anything until I am packing for the show.

Check the blog sidebar, ETSY shop announcement, and facebook posts for the next listing dates.

Same rules apply as for all my other sales:

- Can't combine coupon codes, but no worries if you have any in your possession they have no expiration dates. So use this one since it does expire on July 31st, and save your coupon for another shopping day.

- You still can get free domestic shipping if your order is over $50, so if your close its worth it to throw another item in the cart. Some of my international customers may have noticed that they have not been getting their $2.50 refund when their purchase is over $50. This is because the international postage has been consistently over $2 than what I charge for international shipping, those increased fees are really a pain for both of us. 

Again sorry for delaying listings until after Bead Fest, but it is yet another good reason for a sale.