Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday beads are listed

Wednesday beads are listed in the shop.

Like I have done with several of my enamel components, I am now offering some of my handmade glass beads in ready made lots. What this means is you can purchase the exact amount of beads you want from the grouping shown in the photos.

 If you need more than the quantities I have available in the lot shown we can always set up a custom order. The bead designs shown tonight I can repeat.

Enjoy your glass choices tonight.

All of the enamel choices tonight are focals, so the item in the photo is the exact item you will receive.

Thanks for visiting, the next update will be October 10th.

I know I promised a giveaway this week, but I noticed so many other giveaways on the blogs I follow I thought I would postpone my giveaway till next week. 

I will announce the giveaway next Tuesday the 9th.


Kristen said...

WOW those are gorgeous!!!!