Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday Beads are live on Thursday

Thanks so much for your patience yesterday thanks for all your kind words, I am feeling much better. I will go schedule that flu shot, since it appears to be an early season for viruses.

I have just listed almost 200 items in the Gardanne etsy shop. I love this new way I am listing, instead of taking an individual photograph of every item I now take a picture of the grouping your item will be chosen from. Each grouping is made at the same torch session to insure consistency, and the items do not get in the grouping unless they are a close enough match. When an item sells out I create a new grouping of matched items and take new photos.

Thanks to your feedback from my giveaway questions, I am saving time listing and you have more choices in the shop.

I promise next week I will have more enameled focals and glass choices. I know you are all getting ready for your holiday shows so I will keep the shop well stocked.

By the way I had a great show in Syracuse, and I am starting to see some of my show customers visit me online, which I love. I am also seeing customers at shows wearing jewelry made with my beads and components, which I really love.

Another giveaway is in the works, stay posted.