Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Giveaway

If any of you have been checking my etsy shop you will see in the shop announcement that the next shop update will be next Wednesday the 17th. 

There are still plenty of glass and enamel choices in the shop, I have been stocking it well since you are all in the midst of holiday shows and gift making.

I have been pretty good about updating my shop announcement with the date of new listings in the shop. It is usually every Wednesday, but on occasion I will skip a week.

Don't go anywhere yet, as promised I am having a giveaway this week, one I have been wanting to have for a long time.

As most of you already know Kerry Bogert's second book Rustic Wrappings is now available. 

Kerry was generous enough to ask me many moons ago to make some of my glass headpins for a potential project. 

I am thrilled to say that my glass headpins made it to the book. The Mountain Bride Necklace is the  project that Kerry made, once again demonstrating her amazing wire working and design skills.

If that was not enough Kerry also gave me the necklace that appears in the book, which I proudly display at all my bead shows.

The Giveaway

Is a copy of Kerry's book and a set of my glass headpins like the ones that appear in the Mountain Bride Necklace project.

All you have to do to enter is answer a couple questions for me in the comment section, and you will have two entries in the giveaway.

Question #1

I have been thinking about having two shops to sell my enamel and glass beads and components. Maybe a web shop, maybe Artfire??? I am not getting rid of my etsy shop it will still play an active role in my business. 
When you are shopping for jewelry supplies and a seller has more than one shop, is this an inconvenience or an asset for you?

Question #2

We finally got a Trader Joe's. If you have one in your neck of the woods are there any particular products you love?
If you don't have a Trader Joe's no worries you will still get another entry.

You are more than welcome to link to this post but the maximum number of entries per person will still be two. It gets a little challenging tallying up the entries when I have to check on blogs, etc.

You can enter this giveaway starting now and I will announce the winner next Wednesday, October 17th. 

The answers to my past giveaway questions have helped me guide the direction of my business, so thank you in advance for your feedback.


Juliette Williams said...

Wow, what a great opportunity for some of your gorgeous work and a new book! Here are my answers to your questions:

Question #1
When you are shopping for jewelry supplies and a seller has more than one shop, is this an inconvenience or an asset for you?

Since I'm in a bit of the same boat at the moment, this is on my mind. I tend to browse what I call the artist's 'main website' to see current work, but then usually 'migrate' over to their Etsy site to shop.

Question #2

We finally got a Trader Joe's. If you have one in your neck of the woods are there any particular products you love?

I love to stock up on their frozen fish, as they usually have a GREAT selection! Their wines are priced very well, and so are their cheeses! I tend to stay away from their produce, as it's all bagged and packaged (but it looks like they are changing that here).

xoxo Juliette

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

No trader joe's near us :-( so sad. I don't mind when a shop has 2 online places except when they offer a super fantastic coupon that cannot be used in easy for example and the beads I want are only available on easy. I find that so annoying.
Thanks for the giveaway :-)

Lyndsey Herron said...

Hi, well done on the lovely book. My question answers are -
1. I find that when a seller has two shops it can be beneficial because for example many people have ebay shops and their own website shop & this can be great because you can test what the company is like through the safety of ebay and then if the order arrives as expected i then use their website for the next order.
2. Unfortunately there is no Trader Joes where i live but it sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

I like when I could jump from a main page to related links (like Etsy) from the main page.

When I lived in Phoenix, the Trader Joe's carried a 3 layer dip that was delish: pesto, sun dried tomato, & cream cheese. Really great to bring to parties or when having friends over as an appetizer.

Alicia Coats said...

Congratulations on having your headpins used in an amazing necklace in a published book!! How amazing that must feel!!
1) I tend to shop from Etsy because I can save all of my favorite shops & findings in one place, but I do look at websites too. It's not a hassle or inconvenience at all!!

2) There are Trader Joe's here in Raleigh, but not one by me so I do not shop there.

Michelle W said...

Gorgeous headpins!
#1 - I usually don't have a lot of time to go from site to site. I like when the artists shop is at one location
#2 - I have no Trader Joe's near me :(

Malin de Koning said...

1. I prefer only one shop.
2. No Trader Joes's where I live.

Rebecca said...

I don't even know what a trader Joe's is - a restaurant? A food shop?! So I can't help you with question 2. I don't mind if a seller has two shops, I can think of several sellers who have 2 shops, where I have placed orders in both places. Sometimes it an be an inconvenience, and shipping costs can add up if sellers won't combine, but if it does open the work up to a new audience then it is worth trying. It's not like these shops generally have a large overhead.

Wanda said...

1. I like a website and etsy shop. I feel like when you have your own website that you normally have more things there to learn about the artist and the products. I like that. Etsy does allow ease in comparison shopping.
2. When I go by a Trader Joes I try to get the frozen brown rice packets that microwave in just a couple of minutes .

Mrs. B. said...

I like my shopping to be all in one site, less clickin and from TJs I love thir bruschettas. Thank you for this beautiful chance to win!

Cheryl Roe said...

I think and added presence on the web would help you and us.

We have a trader joes about 70 miles away so I have not had enough opportunity to find products that I can't live without. But I hear the canned corn is good.

Alice said...

The necklace is gorgeous, as are your headpins! How fun to be a part of Kerry's new book.

As for shopping, I'm hooked on etsy. I don't buy jewelry but I do buy bead. It's a sort of one stop shopping and my time is valuable. If an artist has more than one shop I usually just visit the etsy one.

And no Trader Joe's here. Our town has just under 3,000 population.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Question #1
When you are shopping for jewelry supplies and a seller has more than one shop, is this an inconvenience or an asset for you?

I find it most convenient to be able to shop at one place.

Question #2

I love Trader Joes. They have great frozen fish, and I love their pancake and waffle mixes (I eat gluten free, and they have a nice gluten free selection).

Christine said...

I love your headpins - Mountain Bride necklace is gorgeous! That was so nice that Kerry sent you the necklace with your headpins!!
#1- I prefer one site.
#2- We have a Trader Joe's near us, but I don't get there often. When I do go, there's always something new to try!

KayzKreationz said...

I am so wanting that book, and it looks like now I'm going to want some of your headpins to play with, too. :) I prefer just one place to find you, but if you want/need another I'd prefer a website over an Artfire shop. Just my preference.

KayzKreationz said...

We don't have a Trader Joe's anywhere near me, but I was at one in Las Vegas when I visited my brother. I really liked their organic products and homeopathic products.

Tanya said...

Your headpins are gorgeous! Kerry did a great job with them.

To answer your questions, I know of several artists who have two shops and it doesn't bother me. I usually shop on one shop unless I am looking for something specific, in which case I'll look at each shop.

I have no idea on Trader Joe's. We just got one by us, but I haven't had a chance to visit.

Domestic Diva said...

If one shop is for supplies and the other is for finished product, I think that would be fine. Otherwise it could be confusing.

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

Domestic Diva said...

No TJs here, but we are getting one next year (so the rumor goes).

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

Joanne said...

I prefer when an artist has only 1 site, and, when more than one, I tend to go to etsy first and, time permitting, will go to the 2nd site. Congratulations on being featured in the book

Joanne said...

I love Trader Joe's. Butternut squash already peeled and cut up, leeks (fresh and frozen), organic marinara, mini-bagels,hawaiin barbeque chips, salt water taffy, strawberry coconut frozen dessert, all their juices, raw nuts and trail mixes, just about everything in the store!! Enjoy.

Lucid Moon Studio said...

Question #1 - I think it is an asset, however, I have never purchased anything from Artfire. I have always purchased from Etsy or Big Cartel.

Question #2 - We do not have one :( Very bummed and wish we did!

Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway opportunity!!

Jordana said...

I have been blog-browsing today, which is always such a fun adventure, you never know who you will find :) I always always love it when I find a new lampwork artist whose work draws me in like yours does. So even though I just found you and am entering this giveaway contest, rest assured your Etsy shop will be watched often! :)

Now for the questions:
1 - I LOVE when artists have multiple shops as long as 1 is Artfire since that's where my shop is and my most frequented site. I do buy quite a bit from Etsy, but I always look at Artfire first. I know some artists have very different items in their different shops, and in some ways, that's an asset, as I don't always like sorting through hundreds of items in a shop, even going by categories.

2 - no Trader Joe's :( I have heard such wonderful things though and would love to have one! However, several friends who live near one say they love the MSG-free options they have there.

Thanks for this opportunity, and I'm off to haunt your shop now :)

Tracy Kruse said...

I am in awe of your beads and new enamels and would LOVE to have the new book and a sample of your pins as I am also in the process of trying to pick out my kiln and enamels and get started!
As to your questions 1. You could make many shops, as long as you tell where they are since I have you bookmarked and just jump to the shop or the blog.
2. I live WAY out in the country and we don't have a Trader Joe's but I got to go to one once in Atlanta. My favorite section was just about anything in the cheeses. They had some awesome goat cheese...and I cannot find it here!
Thanks for your time and entering me in the contest. PS Have items in my shopping cart on Etsy, so if I do win, can we combine and send it all at once? : )
Tracy @

Courtney said...

Oh yay! In addition to Etsy, perhaps your own webpage (or another Etsy shop?)

No TJ's near me.

thanks for the chance.

glassgirl said...

#1 I don't like hoping from shop to shop
#2 I love the green tea mints at the checkout counter. Weird I know but the are the best mints!