Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Beads Later Tonight

Still playing with Pixler I especially love the express version, it works with my need for immediate gratification.

Wednesday beads will be listed much later tonight, probably around 9pm. They are all done but I still need to take photos.

I am going to try that technique of listing that I talked about during my giveaway. I will have some items where there will be more than one quantity available, so the items you receive may not be what exactly appears in the photos. Based on your comments from my giveaway you are all OK with slight variations when purchasing handmade items. But rest assured that the items will be a very close match.

A feature I like best about this method of listing is that you can purchase the exact quantity you need for your intended project.

Hope to see you later I will post on this blog and my facebook page if I am ahead of schedule with my listings.