Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Beads are Listed

I am a little ahead of schedule tonight, and I have just listed 46 new filigree bead choices in the shop.

Read the descriptions carefully, you may not receive the exact pair shown in the first photo. But in all the listings I have included a photo of the group of filigree beads your pair will be chosen from. As you can see they are very close matches.

I will be doing this with some of my enamel and glass beads that I can reliably reproduce, like the filigree beads I have shown tonight.

I decided to list these items in pairs instead of singles, to save on listing fees. If you need an odd number of beads, I always take custom orders.

If you purchase 3 or more of the SAME set I will include an extra filigree bead, I get to pick the color.

Again thank you for your input in the giveaway. It helped me make the decision to list some of my items this way, and will significantly reduce my listing time.

Thanks for visiting.