Monday, October 17, 2011

i heart macro Sunday

I had a lot of positive feedback about this post, one of the pictures that most of you commented on was of a foggy morning I spent in Maine last month.

I decided to include a few more pictures from that day, and one of them fits perfectly into Studio Waterstone's macro Sunday.

I played around a little with some effects in basic i photo, I love taking pictures but I really don't know anything about the editing tools available today.

I just ordered Kerry's new e book on taking photo's of one's products, I am using this tool as an introduction to my new digital Nikon. I really wish there had been an e book like this available when I started on etsy, I strongly believe that good photographs are the best tool to get customers to spend some time in your shop.

I was looking for a knitted cowl today and in my search I only clicked on the shops that had good clean photos of their products. This is not necessarily an indication of a better product, but if a product photo is styled properly, well lit, easy to see from all angles, etc. it is only natural that this will get my attention first.

Our host of macro Sunday, Lori of Studio Waterstone, has an etsy shop which has perfect examples of good product photography (it does not hurt that she has a beautiful model). In addition Lori often offers tutorials on product styling and design, check out her tutorials in her DIY section.

I am having a hard time getting the i heart macro button over here tonight. So here is a link to the i heart macro post for this week on Studio Waterstone's blog, that will take you to all of the great macro shots of the day.

All these shots were taken in Camden Harbor, Maine or Curtis Island, Maine.

This is my macro shot of the day.


T... said...

stunning photos and a wonderful shot of the web...

ShonEjai said...

Great photos! The fog is so dramatic looking! Well done.

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Anne, these are wonderful! Your photography skills are, indeed, impressive!

Thanks for the sweet words. You're so right, too. Photos can make or break a shop!

Gardanne said...

Thanks Lori for telling me how to get the date changed on this post. I am going to have to send you some beads for tech support.

Carlene said...

Wow! Your pics are amazing. And that macro shot with the spider web is the coolest! Great job :)

Marianna said...

beautiful pictures! love those magical fog pictures especially, so dreamy!