Sunday, October 2, 2011

Macro Sunday

Hello I heart macro Sunday, I have not forgotten about you. I fact on my recent trip to Camden, Maine I was taking multiple macro shots with you in mind.

This is my macro shot for the week, it was taken on Curtis Island in Camden harbor that is home to an old light house that we visited. In fact the misty picture below is that lighthouse.

There was so much color going on here, it was such a moist day so all the colors of the shells and stones were extra vibrant.

We raced up to the top of what must be the high point in Camden, Maine to catch the sunset. This photo was taken from the top of the stone tower in Camden Hills State Park. Our hostess Kathryn showed us so many wonderful locations to paint and photograph every day.

This picture is part of our group painting on the first day, this was a short boat ride from the lakeside cottage where we stayed.

I am so glad we braved the fog and went out to this island in Camden Harbor, we could not see more than a foot in front of the boat. I developed a new eye for all kinds of light on this trip, thanks to our wonderful teacher Caroline.

This is a shot of Camden Harbor on the first day, look at those great reflections in the water. Now I just have to figure out how to put that on a bead.

One thing I realized from this holiday was that I miss being outside everyday. My little bead business tends to keep me confined to my studio or parked in front of the computer.

I really need to make an effort to get outside more, only way that will happen is to put it in the schedule.

Just a reminder how i love macro sunday works. Just click on the i heart macro logo below and it will take you directly to Studio Waterstone where you can check out other macro shots of the week.

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studio waterstone

See you later.


Nadege, said...

Wonderful images, especially the last one with the boat reflecting in the water. But the one through the window is quite moody. Lovely post.

Jenni said...

Love the colours in the first one...and even though it isn't a macro shot...I love the one through the window. Very atmospheric!

T... said...

beautiful photos, love the pebbles

Kym Hunter Designs said...

Wonderful pictures! I love the first shot with all the color and texture! Sounds like you had a lovely time.

Enjoy your day!

Holly said...

Oh, wow, that macro shot is just luscious - with all those subtle colors and textures. Gorgeous! And now I need to go back to Maine, seeing the lovely shots you took of your time on Camden :)

Tracey N. said...

All of your pics are incredible. The first one looks like it would be so much fun to pick through. Lots of treasures. I LOVE the foggy shot through the window, its incredible!

Annette said...

Great photos and reminders of your visit! I love everything about the window shot!!

ShonEjai said...

Beautiful photos especially of the sunset

kelleysbeads said...

Ooooh, your trip to Maine looks wonderful! I need to schedule time to be outside, too. Opening the window in my studio while I'm on the torch just isn't enough.

Linda Landig said...

Wonderful photos. I especially like the one looking through the window at the lighthouse, although the sunset is pretty cool too. Sounds like a fantastic experience.