Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Night Beads

Hi everyone, I just listed some new enamel beads in the bead shop. Don't worry my love affair with molten glass is not over, its just easier to work in one medium at a time. If I mix up my enamel for glass and my enamel for metal, that would not be fun.

I am going to announce my enamel bead giveaway tomorrow. I just received a shipment today of more great colors, and I want to introduce some new bead colors in my giveaway.
I'm off to the studio to play.


Silver Parrot said...

LOVE the butterflies - those totally rock!

Anonymous said...

1) The enamel and glass could be together.

2) As long as you remind us I don't think it matters what time.

I love the blue flower enamel

Beth F

belvedere beads said...

Anne - it was great to see you on Tuesday - the pictures do not to the enameled bead justice. It was so cool to hold it in my hand. I cannot wait to see want treasures you make with the keys.