Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bead Giveaway

Here are the beads for the "Bead Giveaway."

There are 6 glass beads that are all the same size, but they
are all different styles.

There are two matching pairs of enamel
beads that would make great earrings....

....and that large turquoise enamel bead would look
wonderful all by itself on a chain.

All you have to do to enter is answer a couple questions for me in the comment section of this post. In an effort to be a better seller, these are the questions.

1) Would you prefer to see the enamel beads listed in the shop by themselves, with glass beads, or both?

2) Would like me to post my Wednesday beads at a specific time every Wednesday? If so what would be a good time?

If you want twice the luck, just blog about this giveaway and let me know so that I can give you credit for two entries.

Almost forgot, I will pick the winner on Friday, the 12th of March, at 9am.

Thanks for playing along and good luck everyone.


Pearl and Pebble said...

I think you can mix things up! When I'm shopping I like to see everything available to me:) And as far as Wed. posting, I tend to be on the computer until about 4:00 so I would see earlier posts as opposed to later ones. But everybody is different and in different time zones so just do what is best for you! We all love seeing your new beads no matter when you post:D

Jenny J-V said...

I'd vote to keep the beads in the GardanneBeads shop with the glass. They can be in their own section, but I'd like to browse through one set of pictures. On the second question, timing isn't all that important, I don't think, because I just generally read in the morning or evening...I don't follow minute by minute. And I agree...we all love seeing your beads whenever!!! Jen

SummersStudio said...

I love mixed sets, whether they be glass with enamel or just one or the other. I'm not much of a jewelry designer, though, except to mix my own work with others as art market pieces. So having said that, I tend to buy mixes of beads. When you list is really up to you. As Jen said, I love seeing your beads whenever!

sasha and max said...

I think keep 'em in the same shop - all the more goodies!Mixed sets optional - start on their own I think. Posting times are not important to me as I'm in a different time zone anyway in Australia (16 hours ahead or some such) Vicki

Lucid Moon Studio said...

I think the enamel and glass beads should all be in one shop. They can be in separate categories, but I think it would be much easier to do all your shopping in one place. Plus, I might buy in one shop and forget to check out the other.

I suppose having a set time would be good, that way if you want to make sure you don't miss it, you won't be refreshing your computer all day! I think the evening would be best to accommodate people who might be at work.

I will blog about this when I see photos! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Ps - I love your enamel beads, but they were all sold by the time I got to your shop. Looking forward to more!



cjvierow said...

I agree--keep the beads in the same shop. Mixed sets and separate would be nice for variety if it's not a big pain/problem for you. Knowing a day is great, but a time is kind of difficult as we're in different time zones. Make it easy on yourself--I'm positive we will all adjust :-) Your beads are beautiful!! Can't wait to play with some of them.

Cristi - 2 If By Sea said...

1. I think you should include your enameled beads in the same shop. I like one-stop shopping myself.

2. I'm an early morning web surfer. Usually between 8-10am.

Thanks, Anne!

I'll blog about this later this morning.

Gail W. said...

I think you should definitly keep the beads in one shop.There are so many shops and while you have the customer in your shop you might as well show everything.As for time,I agree with everyone,it really makes no difference,there are many time zones,and people get on the internet at times that are easy for them..That said,your beads are delightful!

Bobbi said...

Hi, first I want to thank you for this great giveaway! Now onto your questions.
I'd like to see the beads all in one shop. "1 Stop Shop"
Then as far as a time, well that should be up to you and what's convenient for you and your schedule. With all the different time zones and different schedules that we all have, just to know the day should be all that we need to know.
Also, I have your Giveaway on my blog on the right hand side bar.
Thank you so much again for this great chance on some very awesome beads! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Hugs and happy beading...

Lucid Moon Studio said...

I blogged about your giveaway here:

And I will post it on Twitter and Facebook too :)

Thanks again!

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Love your beads and thanks for the giveaway of them! Fantastic!
I think it would be great to have all the beads in one shop; though maybe mixed or in a separate category. Whenever blogging is best for you. I usually check out the blogs throughout the day, that gives me something to look forward to.
I have also posted your giveaway on my blog.

Kym Hunter Designs said...

1. I like the mix of glass and enamel! These beads look great together.
2. You should post early for those who check their favorite blogs before going to work.

I'll blog about your giveaway when I get in from work.


Lorelei said...

Hi Anne!
I'd say the listings should be sold separately.
And I think a certain time for wednesday beads would be nice... make it easier for people to expect them.
Great giveaway! The beads are gorgeous, as always!

TesoriTrovati said...

I am all about getting all my shopping done in one place. I agree to keep them in one shop, can be different categories. I like the idea of mixed bag sets. I am usually more apt to buy that since I can see the possibilities either together or separate. I usually have a hard time deciding and I like the idea that someone has done that for me! I like the idea of mixtures and separate as well.
As for the Wednesday thing... I can't get to a computer before 11am and then I don't have time to check back in throughout the day, so many be set time would be a good idea, but I wouldn't know what that would be. Maybe noon? You probably have people in different time zones and it would be hard to please everyone!

I love what you are doing!
Enjoy the day!

Patricia Wood said...

1) I think both options would be great:)

2) Specific time is always great:) I follow 2 beads makers that list new items everyweek at the same time: one in the afternoon, another one at night. I much prefer at night as it is easier to plan and make myself available:)

Love what you do:) Thanks for this giveaway, really awesome:)

Doreen said...

I think that the enamel and the glass beads should be listed separate from each other. Also, posting beads at a specific time each Wednesday would be good. I would try to pick a time that is good for both east and west coast though.

lisa oram said...

What a beautiful set of beads to giveaway! I found you through Lucid Moon's blog, and I'll add you to my reader. I'm a newbie lampworker myself, so I enjoy hearing from veterans like you. Sounds like most people think it's better to keep the beads together in one shop, and I agree. I don't really know about your Wednesday deal, but I guess I"ll find out tomorrow! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

Doreen said...

P.S. I posted about your giveaway on my blog :)

CraftyHope said...

I thought I understood your first question clearly until I started reading the answers, now I'm not so sure. As far as selling the beads - sure just have one shop for all beads made by you. As far as selling sets of beads - I personally would want to have the option to either JUST buy the enamel beads or JUST buy the glass beads. Of course, sets of both are nice for variety. I hope that answers the first question (like I said, I got confused)

When it comes to posting time - I suppose it doesn't matter. I'm all over the place when it comes to posting. I do find that posting earlier in the day is better, it gives everyone an opportunity to see the post that very day.
I hope this helps a little.

Judy said...

I just found your blog and would like to say that your blog and etsy sites are beautifully done. You take such amazing photographs.

List the enamel on the same etsy site just under a different heading.

I think it would be nice to post on Wednesday at the same time.

Good luck and thanks for the opportunity to win your gorgeous beads.


Boot ~C said...

I don't mind mixing beads & anytime you post is ok by me!

Stasha said...

1) I would prefer to see the enamel beads listed in the shop by themselves.

2) Posting your Wednesday beads at a specific time is not a requirement for me.

I did blog about your giveaway on I love your beads, I hope I win.

Michelle Mach said...

Love your work!

I like beads to be all in one shop, but sold separately. The specific time they are listed doesn't matter to me.

Marie Cramp said...

I would say that mixing the beads is fun! I love to buy mixes myself since it is rare that I use more than one of the same bead in a design. But give everyone the option!! It makes no difference to me when you post, I am around on and off all day :)

Love your stuff!
{Skye Jewels}

Nicki said...

I think it would be nice if you do both, so people can choose just specific elements (more affordable) or a whole set (of coordinating beads). For the time, I am not the right person to ask, since I am in Germany and thus I am out of any US timezone anyways. Thanks for sharing.

sundownbeaddesigns said...

One stop shopping works best for me. But I think seperate listing would be best. As for the Wednesday beads...mixing it up always keeps us on our toes. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

Julie Pishny said...

I love your beads... offer them in a mix so that there is something for everyone no matter if you are drawn to enamel or glass.

I am usually an early person doing my computer work in the early morning and then getting to work. So, I would elect earlier posting in the day on Wednesday.

Love your work - thank you for offering this generous giveaway. blessings - Julie

Regina said...

Love the beads, offer them in one shop, but separate. Wednesday at noon!

Alice said...

Beautiful beads! I think you should offer them both as just enamel, and also with glass beads.

Also, while I try to do all my web surfing in the morning, I don't always get to every site, so time doesn't really matter to me.

I'd love to win your beautiful beads!

Pretty Things said...

I like keeping them together for even more inspiration. I think mixing up your Wednesday times would make it fairer to all time zones.

Dawn Doucette said...

Hi Anne! When I'm shopping I like having a mix of beads. So I'd vote to keep both styles together.

Regarding listing, I think as long as you're consistent with the day, I don't think the time is as critical. People are shopping all hours of the day & night, so sticking with same day of the week is what's really important!

Today is the first I'd found your blog. Thanks to Jenny Judd for the referral! :) I look forward to seeing many, many more of your beads. They are gorgeous!

Have a terrific day!


Designs by Blanche said...

1) Both would be wonderful!
2) Makes no difference to me, but nice to be able to count on it (I admire the consistancy!).

First time visitor sent by Dawn D. You have lovely beads!