Friday, February 7, 2014

Shop open ahead of schedule

Big changes in the shop which I hope you will be happy with and I welcome any feedback.

In preparing for the Tucson Show I got a lot better at my record keeping with specific formulas and techniques for applying enamel to certain pieces to achieve consistent results. Even though every piece is enameled by myself I feel confident that I can show a photo that represents what you will receive. I did a poll a while ago about this and you, my customers, overwhelmingly expected slight variations with a handmade product. In fact that is what you like about handmade.

I have created a made to order section in my shop where you can order as many pieces as you want and I can make exactly what you want. 

This benefits me because I won't be making a bunch of stuff hoping that is what you want.

This benefits you because you will now have more color choices available of every piece that I carry. If requested I would be more than happy to send you a photo of your order.

This section will grow over time to include some glass as well, anything that I feel comfortable making on a made to order basis.

I'm still in Tucson feeling surprisingly alert, but don't ask me what day it is. I won't be home until next Wednesday so if you order something I will not be able to start your order till then. I am planning on a week turnaround time with my made to order items, sometimes it will be shorter sometimes it will be longer it just depends on my schedule. I will notify you immediately after you place your order with a time frame.

I am activating a coupon code for for the shop for 15% off your order I will keep it active for a while since I will be adding more items to the shop when I get home.

The coupon code is TUCSON15

Not missing the snow but eager to get home.