Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New glass in the shop and updates

I just listed some new glass in the shop probably the most glass I have had in the shop in a long time. I will be continuing to add new enamel choices in the shop, I just put in an order for some new brass and copper stampings, I do not want to list a choice unless I have it available to make.

I am liking this new made to order enamel, it really helps with my inventory for my shows. The goal will be to offer all of my enamel choices in every color I can make in my ETSY shop, which will mean more choices for you available anytime. Of course there will be certain enameled pieces that will be too unique to make to order and they will be listed individually.

Down the road there will be some glass beads that I can repeat and also offer on a made to order basis, but since most of my beads are one of a kind they will mostly be listed individually.

I hope this is working for you, my customers, please keep me posted I am alway open to any and all feedback.

My coupon code for 15% off any purchase in my shop is still active.

The coupon is TUCSON15

The coupon will expire this Sunday, March 2nd at midnight.

But that will give you a chance to take advantage of the sale with new glass choices in the shop.

Show Updates

I have been tardy in updating my show schedule on the blog so let me tell you what is happening the next two weekends.

This weekend I am exhibiting at Berks Bead Bazaar  click the link for the details the show will be on Saturday and Sunday in Reading, PA. This is a first time for me at Berks and I am really looking forward to it I really enjoy the smaller venues and based on the caliber of exhibitors I am sure this show has quite a following.

I am going to get to see some friends that are exhibiting that I usually only see once a year at Bead Fest, so it will be a fun weekend.

The weekend of March 8th and 9th I will be in Clarksville, MD with the Innovative Bead Expo, again click the link for more details. Even though most of the shows I do are with the Innovative Bead Expo this will be another new location for me. 

I'm really racking up the locations, I now have shows in 8 different states that I exhibit in. If someone had told me that I would be doing this and enjoying myself a few years ago I would not have believed them. 

So that is where I will be the next two weekends, please come visit if you are in the area and don't forget to click the coupon tab above and print out the 10% off coupon. I just need to look at it, you can keep it for next time.

Enjoy the new offerings in the shop and thanks for visiting.


Silver Parrot said...

Glad to see you doing some glass again in addition to your wonderful enamels! I'm off to check out the shop!