Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Attention New York State customers

Now that I am exhibiting at more shows in N.Y. I am getting more online customers from  N.Y., and I would like to offer this option for you. 

If you are a NewYork State customer that makes a purchase from my Etsy shop and you have a NYS tax exempt certificate to purchase supplies for your business.

I can refund your tax if you:

- Mail me a copy of your NYS tax exempt certificate.

- Make a copy of the resale certificate form and fill out your portion as the purchaser, and please sign. Also mail this form to me.
Here is a link to the form I need.

Contact me via my blog or Etsy and I will send you my home address.

After I have received the above paperwork and you make a purchase in the shop please remind me in the "message to seller" and I will refund your tax.

If you see me at a show I will still need a hard copy of your tax certificate.  I used to keep them on file but I see some of the same customers at as many as three different shows, and I can't predict who will be at what show.

I appreciate the extra time you take to make my job with the tax man easier.