Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Art Jewelry Elements Guest Post

This is somewhat embarrassing, my first guest post and I forgot to blog about it. 

This Monday thanks to an invitation from Jen and the Art Jewelry Elements team, I had my first guest post. Here is a link to the post, please check it out.

So why all these photos that have nothing to do with my AJE post. Well, its my third post of the evening, oh I just looked at the clock its officially tomorrow. Anyway after so many consecutive posts photos were required.

With all of  the driving I have been doing going to out of state shows and then the subsequent standing in one spot at shows, I had to move when I got home last week. Our area in Upstate NY has the most wonderful parks, Mendon Ponds Park is my favorite. I grabbed Bella and went for what I thought was a 3 mile hike, unfortunately the red line I was supposed to follow on the map did not include all of the trails off the main path. So my 3 mile hike turned into a 6 mile hike, even armed with my iphone GPS and a map I became hopelessly lost. Fortunately this is a well traveled trail and some friendly folks on horseback pointed Bella and I in the right direction. Poor Bella with her little legs, kept looking at me with this "I know your lost" look.

Enjoy the photos and thanks for visiting the Art Jewelry Elements Blog.


Tired Bella