Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New listings in the shop

If you have been following along on facebook tonight you will already know that I have been gradually adding new items to the shop tonight. 

 Two of these filigrees make great light weight earrings and one makes a beautiful pendant.

 This is one on my new layered pendants. I love the domed cut out on top and I layered it with a solid domed round in a contrasting color that peeks through the design.


This layered pendant was one of those happy accidents. I was creating random holes in some oval blanks because I can't put a hole in the same place twice and I'm impatient. I was stacking them and noticed the design the random holes created. So I enameled two in contrasting colors for the best impact and connected them with a jump ring. Then happy accident number two happened, which is rare, I flipped the back oval to the front and a different combination was created. 

These would also make sweet asymmetrical earrings, my enamel pairs are surprisingly light weight.


These bullseye stampings are new as well. I always look for pieces with a texture that will capture the enamel and highlight the design.

These are the new pinwheel cut outs again, the holes that are built into the design of these pieces will create a lot of design options for you. I have added a smaller hole to these when I sell them in pairs so you can easily add an ear wire and have instant earrings.                       

I also enameled some simple medium and small oval blanks, some have two holes some have one. But they are a cost effective way to add some color to your jewelry designs.                 


I am off to a three day show in Marborough, MA tomorrow you can click on the new show tab at the top of the blog for all the details. One good thing about increasing the frequency of my bead shows is that packing gets easier every time, so maybe I will get to bed at a decent hour.

Since I will not be back until next Tuesday, any order you place starting now will be shipped when I get back.


Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Love the layered "happy accident" pendant! Isn't it the best feeling when brilliance comes from what we thought was an error! Great colors too.

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