Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Listings are Live

Here are some examples of what I just listed in the shop tonight. It is all about glass headpins all pairs, all kinds of styles. Lots of pods my hands seem to only want to make that shape lately, maybe its the milkweed pods I left in the garden for the Monarch butterflies influencing me.

The 10% off everything in the shop sale is still on until Sunday at midnight because I wanted you to have some glass and enamel choices during the sale.

Coupon code is Thankyou10

Lots of folks are forgetting to put in the coupon code for the discount, I will still send you a refund but I am afraid I will miss someone. So I am going to have to have my computer guru make me some banners with sale on them and a coupon code. Any other tips for alerting customers to coupon codes?

All orders placed for the rest of the week will be shipped early next week because I will be in Syracuse, NY for a show. Click the link on the side bar for more show details. Also on the top of the sidebar there is a coupon you can print out for 10% off your purchase at any of my shows, one per customer please. Please come say hi if you are in the area.

Enjoy the glass choices tonight, off to the studio again.


Erin Dubrow said...

Amazing work, love the tear drop shape and the look of the wax seal beads. What are you using to create the design in the wax seal beads?