Monday, April 8, 2013

Tried it don't like it ...

I'm talking about listing every other week.

Squeezing all of my listings into two days a month was too overwhelming, I really need to spread it out to every week like I did before.

So starting in May I will be listing every Wednesday once again, I may miss the week before a show or when I am on holiday but I will give you plenty of notice.

I will still be posting my listing dates on the right side of my blog and at the top of my etsy shop right below the banner.

I have not had a lot of activity in the weekly bead specials section. Except for the sample packs,  so I will continue to make some of those as my odds and ends pile accumulates. I will also be adding a glass version of  the sample packs since I also have orphan glass beads that have not yet found a home in a pair or a set. 

This Wednesday is a listing day, so stay tuned.