Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New listing late,late,late tonight...

 ...and probably into the wee hours of Thursday.

This "cold" has really slowed me down, and my baseline is pretty slow to begin with.

Anyway, between yesterday and today I have taken 500 photos and I want to list three trays worth of enamel and glass today.

It's actually the perfect thing to do with this bug, I don't think I would trust myself at the torch right now.

But based on the volume of items it will be late, I like to activate my listings all at once. I don't mind combining orders but if there are too many I am afraid I will miss something.

While I was downstairs taking photos I thought I would show you my photo set up. The lights originally came with a kit and a tent and a bunch of accessories, and I ended up just using the lights. They are florescent, I know this because my lavender glass always turns blue under florescent and I have to photograph those in daylight. I taped some velum over the lights to diffuse the light, trying to achieve the same purpose of the original tent that came with the kit. As you can see I just clipped a large piece of paper to a wire basket in the back, and raised the area for the beads on a box since that was as low as the lights go.

My tripod is invaluable, no shaking and I have two hands to set up the beads. 

Before I take the photos I sort out all of my beads I have been trying to do multiples of the same item to save on listing time and I put those in plastic bags. I also try and take photos of the same items together like all the flowers, all the glass pairs, etc. This saves time when I am listing and looking for the photos.

There are quite a few things I do that have just evolved over the past few years as my inventory has increased. If you are interested I will do a post on how I organize my inventory for shipping, for speed and no missing items (knock on wood).

As usual I will post here and on facebook when listings go live. 

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the selection.


Cheryl Roe said...

Tell us more...

Sharyl said...

Pretty soon, this will sound like a chant! "Tell us more!" "Tell us more!" Ha! Yes, please! This was fascinating!

I currently have the opposite type of set up. A photo tent, which I love but takes up more space on my work bench than I like, and a couple of large lamps (not photography lamps but they work pretty well), but they take a lot of space too. Your set up looks more compact and easy to get to your beads! Thanks for sharing the info!