Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Beads are Listed

Listings have gone live, and with 30 minutes to spare.

Sorry so late my East Coast friends, hope you are all comfy in your beds. You can enjoy some browsing with your morning coffee.

Here are some new components that I am enameling.

I am starting to go larger with my choices. There is a limit to the size I can work with since this is done at the torch. However a large surface provides me with more opportunities to play with layering enamels. These turn out the way they want to, the colors can be repeated but where it lands on the component is different every time.

This is a NEW leaf pair I am offering they are very dimensional, and as you can see from the photo below I have made the bead hole differently. I just curled down the top of the leaf making sure there were no gaps, I really like how they look. From the front no bead hole is visible.

This is a new pine cone charm that has a lovely pattern that captures the enamel beautifully.

Thanks for visiting, I am leaving Friday for a bead show so your orders will not be shipping until Monday.