Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shop open, new listings August 29th

Hi everyone I am back from Bead Fest and it was great, I will have a proper post about my adventures soon.

In the meantime I did reopen my shop with a few items that I did not take to Bead Fest. I did not want to wait till the 29th to reopen because the ability to communicate with my customers via etsy is not operational when the shop is on vacation. I wanted to make sure my customers could contact me if they needed any custom orders or just to say hi.

New listings, a giveaway, and a coupon code is still scheduled for Wednesday, August 29th so please check back, it will be worth your while.

Talk soon, have to take the pup for a walk.


Alice said...

I can't wait to hear all about Bead Fest--though I'm a bit bummed that I have never had the money to go to one of these big shebangs.

Mania said...

Your work are always fantastic!! Best regards from Greece!!