Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Off to Bead Fest

I know, liar liar pants on fire. Didn't I promise a giveaway this week? Yes I did, and I got so over whelmed with Bead Fest prep that it never happened.

As you may have already noticed my shop is on vacation (I'm not) and will reopen on August 29th. I decided that is was time to clean house and reopen the shop with new inventory, don't worry your old favorites will be available.

Check in on the blog and facebook for previews of items heading to the shop.

I will also have that belated giveaway after I reopen the shop, and to make it up to you I will have two winners instead of one. 

Here are the coupons I promised for Bead Fest one is for free admission to the show and the other is for 10% off at my booth, one per customer please and you need to print out the coupon. I'm at booth #467 in Artisan Alley. Please visit I would love to meet my online friends in the flesh, contact me via etsy I have left a message with my email.

I am not leaving out my online friends you will all get a 10% off coupon as well when the shop reopens, as a special thank you for your support.

I am now going to slap on a little makeup and hit the road, wish me luck.