Monday, May 7, 2012

A Walk with Bella

This is Bella, she is a Cavalier Spaniel / Shih Tzu mix. She basically looks like a small Cavalier, and was an impulse purchase I posted about here. 

She is our first small dog, and we have to deal with her completely differently than our other dogs. We have invisible fence and a large backyard, so we are used to our dogs coming and going as they please and via the doggie door.

Bella is a different story. We were told by the vet that Cavalier's are difficult to potty train, and he is right. She is like a distractible toddler, she goes outside to pee, sees a butterfly and completely forgets to pee.

She is also small, about 15 pounds, and we are concerned about foxes in our woods. Bella would totally want to play and it would not end well. I think she has exceeded the Red Tailed Hawks weight limit, but I see them sizing her up on occasion.

So after several generations of dogs Bella is the first one we have to walk. Which will get me off my butt and walking. 

I have been on Weight Watchers for a year now and I am down 25 pounds, but if I am going to make my goal I will have to actually move.

Hope you enjoyed the Bella update, she will check in periodically.


Dawn Doucette said...

Your Bella is adorable! We too have our first small dog (also named Bella) after having an English Setter and Springer Spaniel (prior to that we had a pointer and a lab.) So small dogs are definitely different... but their big, big love despite their compact size is really something amazing.

She's adorable and know that I'm walking with you because it's the same story here with little Bella!

Spirited Earth said...

i found a Lhasa mix last fall.. housetraining was a seemed i was taking the dog for a walk every 2 hours..and the distraction thing..OH yea!..
she would not do her bidness off leash..but slowly she caught on and now will go out in the backyard with the other dog..happy day! oh and we got swooped by a hawk too..

somethingunique said...

Oh your Bella is had tI lol about the distraction and forgetting to pee....that sounded funny and I could just dad and I took our fur babies for their heartworm/flea meds today....his Miss Molly was just shy of 3lbs....full Nala Bear is 50lbs still growing..they traveled the two hour trip well together...Nala was very gentle....I don't think she quie knew what to make of Miss Molly....thanks for sharing.....xox