Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Say hi to Bella

Yes we do already have three dogs and a cat.

But how could anyone say no to those eyes.

Bella is one of those "hybrid dogs" she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Shitzu mix. She looks like a small Cavalier, unlike other dogs in this mix that tend to take after the Shitzu.

She will be about 18-20 pounds when she is fully grown and is our first small dog. Our other dogs are a pit bull mix, pointer mix, and a pure english lab. This is also the order of their dominance.

The pit bull and pointer mix have accepted that she is here to stay, however they do not seem to have much interest in playing with her. Because she is so small she is more of a pest, biting their toes and such. I am hoping when she is bigger they will be more playful. We are letting the dogs correct her while we are there so she will know how to behave in the pack.

Our lab shows the least interest, in fact in the past she has not been crazy about puppies. Since she was the baby of the pack until now she has never had to deal with one full time.

We are being patient and even have a special prescription collar on Phoebe (the lab) that releases pheromones that help relax a dog when they are being socialized or introduced to a new situation. I am considering getting a matching set for our whole family, I think they would make great stocking stuffers.

If anyone out there has any tips on introducing a small dog to bigger dogs it would be greatly appreciated. We have a lot of dog experience but like I said none with small dogs.

Today is supposed to be Wednesday Beads, but as I mentioned in a previous post I will be listing new beads on Friday this week. I want to have a big restocking of enamel and glass so I need the extra time for photos and listing.

Check back on Friday morning, here on the blog or on facebook, for an exact time new items will be listed in the shop.


SummersStudio said...

She is so gorgeous. This big eyes are something I would not be able to resist. We've never had small dogs either. But our children do and when they come to visit the little dogs just seem to work it out with our big ones. At first it took a few days but now they just sniff at first and get on with being dogs.