Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm back

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

Mine was more social than usual, I went to Buffalo to see my Mom a couple times over the break, there was a cookie bake at my sisters and a Christmas Eve party at my friend Wendy's.

We had an unexpected invite to Boston for New Years. There was a wonderful visit to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, where there was an exhibition of "Degas and the Nude." This show focused on how Degas approached his work, there was a large collection of his sketches and studies that he did before his final product.

They also had a collection of paintings of nudes from other artists during the impressionist era, they all had their own style but you could still see how they influenced one another. Which is always a hot topic in the glass bead/jewelry world.

Saturday evening we had a yummy dinner at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, and then welcomed in the New Year listening to jazz.

I did not realize this was another short week so Wednesday Beads will resume next Wednesday, January 11th.

I'm off to the studio to get back into a routine.