Monday, September 5, 2011

Thank You

Grab a coffee it's a long post.

A thank you goes out to all my blog friends that offered some helpful advice, after my short but whiny last post on how to coax my glass muse back into the studio. She has not set up residence yet, but has peeked over my shoulder a couple of times while I was working on some beads.

Some advice that has been very helpful:

Thanks Lucinda, visiting the glass sites you suggested has helped with shape, color, and design.


Fratelli Toso


Several of you suggested some color sites, which I found helpful.


Color Collective

I have also joined Pinterest, at a time when I am trying to reduce my internet surfing, not good timing.

But the color combinations have been wonderful. I have been putting together these combinations with my glass and keeping them within easy reach of my torch. I already have several followers on Pinterest, be patient I  may take a little time to get the hang of the pin boards.


- Week of 9/5 no Wednesday Beads.

- Week of 9/12 no Wednesday Beads.

Wednesday Beads will resume Wednesday, 9/21. 

- No custom orders until November 1st. I do have a waiting list and I will be filling orders on a first come first served basis. So if you need something and you are not in a serious time crunch I would recommend you get on the list. 

*Customer service is very important to me so if you have a deadline contact me via etsy and I will see what I can do.

*Don't worry, custom orders I am currently working on will be completed. 

- I am going to be out of town the week of 9/12.So my last shipping day will be this Friday, 9/9. Any orders made after that date will be shipped Tuesday, 9/20.

Sale in Progress

To take the sting out of no Wednesday Beads for a little while, I am having a 15% off sale in my gardannebeads shop (glass beads and enamel components) and my gardanne shop (earrings). 

The sale will start today, 9/5 and last until this Monday, 9/12.

Just use the coupon code


and 15% will automatically be deducted from your order.

Sorry for all the boring but needed information, I will tell you about my upcoming trip in another post.

Have fun at the sale.


hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, I'm on pinterest too...what's the link to your pins and I will follow?


hello gorgeous xxx

Gardanne said...

I have no idea what I am doing yet. I will put the link on my blog when I have more time to play with this new toy.