Friday, September 2, 2011

My Glass Muse has Left the Building

It's difficult to be creative when on a deadline. Getting ready for two shows in October and I really want some interesting focals.

But I find myself reaching for the same old colors and tools.

Any hints?


Pearl and Pebble said...

Boy Anne I don't know ANYTHING about glass, but when I paint sometimes I'll keep one or two of the same colors and then incorporate different colors in the next canvas. Maybe the same would work with your tools. Only use one common tool that you have used already.

maneki said...

Have you tried playing around with things like this: ? I like playing around with different types of colour tools online as I might find a combo I'd never use otherwise.

Another thing I do is going outdoors and trying to find a colour among the trees and flowers I don't expect there. Like the chartreuse yellow horse chestnut leaves against more "traditional" brown and orange autumn colours.

Or you might find something inspiring, palette or patterns, here:

How about mixing autumn colours with pink (pink is trendy this fall, says Pantone):

somethingunique said...

Hi Anne, i seem to be seeing alot of the same around the blog...i think our brains are all a bit fried from this intense summer eh!!i think with shows in October alot of people may be looking for Fall & Xmas colors... for Fall i like the coppers,bronzes,corals,browns oranges & for Xmas i look for elegant looking colors..blacks,reds,golds & silvers to make a bit more dressy jewelry i myself for Xmas looking for the fun shapes for focals too like santas heads and snowmmen i know that's not what you usually make and they are hard to find but whenever i make something like that it sells so well...i have every confidence you will come up with something fabu goodluck!!!
take care and enjoy your weekend ttfn Lana :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Nature gives you the best palette. But if you are looking for more inspriation, I have a subscription to Design Seeds with these awesome palettes that she generates. I actually want to do something in a blog hop with these. Check them out:
Enjoy the day!

belvedere beads said...

When I want some glassy inspiration I get out a big picture book on Italian glass from the 50's or 60's.

Or for a real treat, how about a quick trip to Corning to look at the collection?

Need faster than that? Just go to Google images and type in any of these names: Barovier, Seguso, Fratelli Toso or Venini. Be prepared to be inspired.

Pretty Things said...

Flip through fashion magazines like Vogue and look at the patterns of the fabrics -- or stationery, or Amy Butler fabrics.