Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Beads in Shop Now

I know I promised more headpins, but I had an unexpected order and they are gone. Don't worry I will make more.

So today I have all enamel.

Some great focal butterflies.

As we get into the Fall season the owl pairs have been popular.

This is the last of these round and oval vintage beads. Because they are vintage its hard to keep them in stock.

This is a new style of butterfly pairs I have been working on. The style I usually carry has been unavailable all summer with no signs of returning. So I altered this stamping to replace them, I added a hole so they hang on opposite diagonals which gives them a nice balanced look for earrings. The style of their wings is a little pointy so I also do some filing before I enamel them so there is no fear of getting poked with a sharp point. These have some dimension to them like the others, the wings are nice and puffy.

I am still trying to get the old style, but I hope you like this new style as well.

It's my birthday week this week so I think a giveaway is in the wings before I leave for Beadfest next Friday, so stay tuned.

Check out the shop there are more odds and ends than what I already mentioned.


Tammy Olson said...

Hi Gardanne,
Found you through the e-course. Beautiful glass beads. Wow. Is it hard on your eyes working in such a small scale? Looking forward to connecting in class.