Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Bead Teaser

I'm going to list new beads in the shop at 5pm today.

Here is a sampler of what to expect.

I had several glass headpin orders this week, so that is what guided my activity at the torch. I will also have some enamel odds and ends.

Maybe even a couple grab bags.

I will have several of my flying butterflies. I love this particular style because of the dimension it has. Unfortunately all of my suppliers are out of this butterfly, and it seems to be a problem at the manufacturer's end.

I am testing out some new styles of small butterflies, so if you like this style I only have a few blanks left to work with.

This is a new sand dollar pair for earrings or use them individually as charms. They are the same design as my sand dollar focal.

I will also have some matched pairs of glass headpins. It is challenging to get a pair to match especially if I manipulate the glass or add decoration. I make a bunch and then sort them into matching pairs.....

... the ones with no matching partners turn into mixed bags.

I love these bullseye lollipops, especially in a transparent color.

These choices and more will be listed in my etsy shop at 5pm, eastern time.

See you later.