Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Lucky me, I got my hands on some more of these vintage dimpled tear shaped drops and I will be listing several pairs on Wednesday.

This is the last of the dimpled ones, but I am expecting some more of the plain tear shaped beads in a couple days.

I will also have more enamel FLOWERS tomorrow, and those glass headpins I never got around to listing last week.

Barbara from Painting with Fire had a great tutorial on her blog last week, showing how to apply an enameled piece to another enameled piece. I tried it and it worked, they will make lovely focals (sorry no photos yet).

Barbara has a book coming out this summer, and I can't wait. I think you can preorder them on her site. She is the one responsible for my enamel addiction.

See you tomorrow, I will have a post tonight or in the morning with a specific time I will be listing new items on Wednesday. We will see how the day goes.