Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Teasers and ETA

Today I am going to be listing items at 9pm, eastern time.

Sorry it will be so late, but I am playing my usual role as chauffeur to my daughter and her friends today. I'm not complaining, she will have her license soon enough and then I will have to be heavily medicated.

Any advice from Mom's of teens out there would be appreciated.

Here are some more teaser shots of what is headed to the shop.

Like I said in the previous post, I have several pairs of these vintage drops in the shop. If you see a pair that is sold and you want that color, send me message via etsy I may have it in my inventory. I don't like to put more than one of the same color in the shop at the same time, to avoid mixing them up.

This is a larger version of my Flying Butterfly Pairs, which makes a nice medium sized focal. I love how these have some dimension to them.

This is one of those new focals that I talked about in the last post, I fuse an enameled stamping to another enameled piece. I then apply a clear coat of enamel over the entire piece, they really turned out well.

More of these flowers that never stay in the shop too long.

This is a new large Starfish Focal that I love. I have quite a few seashore themes in my enamel section for summer.

More of the bell shaped flower pairs, these make great earrings with chain dangling from them.

More flowers.

I am now offering this style of owl in pairs, if you like them I will order more.

There will be more in the shop like bird pairs, diving swallows, and glass headpins.

Hope to see you at 9pm, eastern time.

Have a great day.