Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Beads Now and Later

I am listing a few enamel beads this morning in the bead shop. This evening around 9pm I will be listing some glass beads, mostly sets. If you make a purchase this morning and this evening I will refund one of the shipping charges and ship them together, just leave me a reminder via etsy.

I have noticed that my sales are best when I have a listing in the shop several times a week. I will always have the most beads listed on Wednesdays, but you will start to see a scattering of new beads in the shop throughout the week.

Thank you for all the feedback from my bead giveaway, as requested I will keep the enamel and glass beads in the same shop, I have created a section for enamel beads for your shopping convenience. And a big thank you to all the bloggers out there that are talking about my giveaway, my comments tripled in one day.

Keep the comments coming, the drawing is this
Friday, the 12th of March at 9am.


belvedere beads said...
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belvedere beads said...

I think having only one shop for loose beads would be best because some sets composed of both glass and enamel beads would be really fun and special.

I had an unbelievable day with Double Helix Gaia yesterday. Best date I've had in ages.