Sunday, February 28, 2010


Bird images are always popular, especially right now. We have a rookery in the woods behind our house, and every evening it is like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds." Crows are not the most charming of birds, especially when I see one fly by with a blue egg in its beak. But our dogs do a pretty good job keeping them out of the nests around the house. They also pick on the Red Tailed Hawks, but I think the Hawks have the upper hand in that battle. At any rate I do enjoy their visits every evening at dusk.


Barbara Lewis said...

I mean, I should love a crow ... it's one of God's creatures, but I have a history with them. I swore that dogs were breaking into the trash on trash day. I bungee-corded down the lid but to no avail. I would sneer and grumble at neighbors' dogs, knowing they were the culprit .... UNTIL I saw the crows! I couldn't believe my eyes. They could get the lid off of a clamped down trash can lid!

Lori said...

Whoa, I just read Barbara's comment! LOL I can just picture crows prying off the lid of the garbage can.

Great pictures! My hubby considers The Birds to be one of the scariest movies ever. another lol.
Have a great week.

TesoriTrovati said...

Okay. I am a bit freaked out by this post. Mainly because I was actually attacked by a crow when I was 8. It dive bombed me and landed on my head and pecked at the yarn ball on my hat. I have been forever traumatized by that event! Needless to say I have never seen the movie "The Birds"!
Enjoy the day!

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

I remember that movie - it was/is really eerie. Birds pecking your eyeballs out - ooh, just after breakfast too!