Saturday, December 12, 2009

Learning Curve

I have only been doing this etsy/blog thing since April, so I can still call myself a novice. Beth of Hint Jewelry has a blog that has been very helpful in getting me to think about my shops and planning ahead, she has a post today about a marketing calendar that is a must read. Please check out her "behind the scenes" posts she talks about everything from shipping to working with PMC.

How I manage my shop is a work in progress. The Wednesday beads has hopefully been convenient for my customers, and an unseen added benefit for me is that it adds some structure to my schedule. I know if I have Wedensday Beads that I need to make beads on the weekend, clean and photograph them on Monday and Tuesday, and post them on Wednesday.

With custom orders and the holidays it has been difficult to stick to that schedule, so I will not have Wednesday Beads until after the first of the year. However I have 67 choices in my bead shop, and I feel some of them are gathering dust. I am taking the sting out of no new beads until 2010, by having my post Christmas sale NOW!!!! That way I can start the new year fresh and restock the shop with new choices.

This is how it is going to work. Starting today, December 12th until December 31st every item in my shop will be discounted 20%. That is in addition to my already free shipping for my U.S. and Canadian customers, this benefit will also be ending December 31st. I will refund your 20% discount off your purchase via paypal.

I'm not done yet, everyone who makes a purchase from my shop will be automatically entered in a drawing on December 31st for a $25 gift certificate, that can be used in my jewelry or bead shop. Only one entry per customer.

Thanks for visiting, remember I am always open to feedback. Hope you enjoy the sale.


hint said...

How cool! Thanks for the mention about my blog and marketing calendar. I've been feeling them same way...things are gathering dust and I need to start the new year fresh! Wishing you the best on your sale :)

hint said...

Here's the link to the post on the calendar idea: