Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Going, going, gone.... I hope

Fall is in the air, and I am donating this necklace to a local charity auction this month. I will be making more of these leaves this Fall, so I hope you like them.
Don't forget tomorrow is Wednesday, so that means new beads in the shop. I will be out of town next Wednesday so there will not be new beads posted on the 16th. In fact my bead and jewelry shop will be closed from Wednesday the 16th until Sunday the 20th, I will be taking all my inventory to a show.
So if there is anything you want me to set aside, just let me know.
Thanks for visiting.


Lorelei said...

Cool! that would be awesome! So you'll be coming through that day, the 16th? That'll be great. I could even drive down to the exit and meet you, and we could go somewhere close by, like Babe's for lunch.
I just realized that this message never got to you via email! gah!

Linda said...

Hi Anne! Thanks so much for making this GORGEOUS necklace for our auction! I'm sure it will fetch a handsome price. Your generosity will help us meet the legal needs of low-income people in our community.

You are one awesome photographer, too. I've enjoyed looking at the photos you've posted. Durand Eastman Park never looked so good!

Have fun in NH!