Friday, November 22, 2013

I fibbed

But a good kind of fib.

I said no more sales this year, then I realized that Black Friday was approaching next week. I am one of those people that never ventures out on Black Friday, I hate traffic and crowds.

So for folks like myself who will be safe and sound at home on Black Friday, maybe shopping online maybe not. 

I will be having free domestic shipping starting now and ending on Sunday, November 30th. 

I have changed the shipping profile to reflect free domestic shipping so there is no coupon code.

In fact if you have a coupon code go ahead and use it, which usually does not happen when I offer a discount.

For my customers in Canada and everywhere else around the world, I already pay an extra $1.50-$2 extra postage on average that I do not pass along to you. I hate how much postage you have to pay, especially my Canadian customers, your postage increased the most this year.

So for all my international friends I will throw in a surprise extra something, I have a lot of pairs without partners that could use a new home. 

Almost forgot, you know I already give free domestic shipping for any order over $50. So if you are already getting free shipping because your order is over $50 I will send you a coupon code to use on a future purchase that is under $50.

Tomorrow will be my last shipping day before Thanksgiving week, so anything I get tonight or in the morning will be shipped tomorrow.

Everything else will be shipped on Monday, December 1st.

Happy Thanksgiving.