Thursday, October 24, 2013

New listings in the Shop

New listings just added to the shop over 100 pieces.

A new wider flower cap is in the shop, in fact it is the same as my tulip bud just dapped wider.
If you like it I can make it a permanent addition to the shop.

This is a new enamel color that I have started using and I love it, I am calling it smokey purple it just screams Autumn. For you enamel lovers out there it is Thompsons transparent mauve layered over white.

These oval pairs are also going to be a permanent addition to the shop I am offering them with a hole top and bottom, but if you only want one hole you can always place a custom order.

These ivy leaf pairs have been around for a while, I have added some new Fall colors.

I hope to make these pinecones a permanent addition to the shop, they have been popular at my shows.
Right now I am testing this size and one a little bigger. 

Every piece I try to enamel in the torch does not necessarily work, so I spend a lot of time purchasing items in small quantities and testing them. Sometimes if I am on the fence about a piece I will put it on a bracelet, since they get the most abuse, and wear it for a while to see how it holds up. Any chips, cracks, pitting, clumps of enamel, and it hits the trash.

These are my smaller enameled oak leaf pairs, another permanent part of my leaf collection.

A favorite this time of year, maple leaf pairs.

These are a bigger version of the oak leaves that I offer, they are vintage and I only have about 50 left.
But I have found this size oak leaf, not this exact style, that I need to try out. This is a nice size for a charm on a necklace but still light enough for earrings.

One of my customers at a show last weekend had these ear wires where she could easily remove the dangle, and on the spot she was wearing these oak leaves. My kind of jewelry making.

I am off to another show tomorrow in Albany, so I will be shipping when I return on Monday.

Thanks for visiting.