Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shop open and Coupon code

The plan was to renew, reactivate, and list my enamel and glass on Wednesday but apparently ETSY won't let me do some of that without taking the shop off vacation.

So what you will be seeing between now and Wednesday evening is items making there way to the shop.

Because the shop is open the coupon code for the current sale has been activated already.

The coupon code is...


For 10% off everything in the shop, free domestic shipping still applies for all orders over $50.

Coupon code expires this Sunday at midnight.

If you want to do a little shopping now and after the restocking is done by Wednesday evening, I will gladly combine orders and refund any extra shipping fees.

I did reactivate the gift certificates and the sale does not apply to them, if they are included in your order don't use the coupon code I will sort out your items and send your refund.

I never did get much activity with the gift certificates but I figured with the holiday season in the near future it might be a nice stocking stuffer from your loved ones.

Thanks for visiting.