Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Feeling Better and listings are in the shop

Thanks for all your thoughtful messages, I'm feeling much better. 

Don't forget 15% off sale until Monday the 17th at midnight, the coupon code is GRAD15.

Speaking of the the grad, congratulations to my Natalie today she won the vocal award and the Williams Cup at her school. She also successfully completed her voice audition and will be in the Music Therapy program at Nazareth College in the Fall, it has been a busy few weeks.

Important dates:

Saturday, June 15th last listing day for June there will be more glass sets and enamel choices.

The 15% off sale will go until Monday, June 17th at midnight so you will have time to take advantage of new choices in the shop and a sale.

I will combine orders so if you see something you want now and after this Saturdays listings I can send them together. Remember if combined orders total to $50 or over you get free shipping.

I have to pack for my trip so last day for shipping will be Wednesday, June 19th. If you get your orders in before that date I can guarantee they will be shipped before I leave town. 

Enjoy the selection.


james wilson said...

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