Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bead Update and Giveaway

First the bead update, today is a listing day so new glass and enamel beads will be headed to the shop later this evening. 

As usual I will keep you posted on facebook and here as I get closer to the listings going live.


I have a question for you, and you know when I have questions I usually have a giveaway. This is my way of thanking you for your help in guiding my decision making.

I have been thinking of ways to destash, not for my handmade items, but for all those beads I have in my stash. As you know jewelry making has taken a backseat to my supply shop. Sometimes I feel guilty about that, but the reality is my supply shop and bead shows keep me very busy (thank goodness) so the supply shop needs to be my focus for now.

So I have all of these wonderful beads and natural stones collecting dust...

The question for you is, would you like to see me including some manufactured beads and/or natural stones with a few of my enamel and glass choices? I am thinking of small collections that would coordinate with my handmade beads.

For example, if I was selling a focal in the shop I would include a small collection of natural stones and/or manufactured stones that would coordinate with the focal. It's up to you whether you would like to use them together or save the extras for a future project.

The reason I am thinking of this is to not only send my massive collection of beads to homes where they can be made into jewelry, but also after speaking to my customers at the beads shows I am realizing that many towns do not have access to a bead shop like I do. So this would hopefully be an additional way to meet some of my customers needs.

What about cost? These coordinating beads are not handmade so they would not add a great deal to the cost of the handmade bead. 

Here is an example of some glass I have been making this week with some coordinating Czech glass. 

*This photo does not represent the giveaway*

So if you could tell me what you think of this idea, and as usual your honest opinion is appreciated, I will not be offended if you think this idea s_ _ _ _ . 

Leave your opinion in the comment section, and this will entitle you to one vote.

If you would like to link to this post that would be great, however there still will only be one vote per entrant. 

I have an out of town show coming up the first weekend in May so the drawing will be after I get home on Wednesday, May 7th. 

What will you get?

I don't have a photo of what I will be giving away. But trust me it will be good, it will mostly be glass but I probably won't be able to help myself and I will throw in some enamel, there will also be some coordinating czech glass and natural stones. So I am thinking the value of this giveaway will be at least $75.

Thank you ahead of time for participating, and please check back later to see the new glass and enamel listings in the shop later tonight.


YaY! Jewelry said...

I usually don't go for groups of beads like that. I suppose if they were all art beads and coordinated with another art bead seller that would be a possibility. I have a ton of stone and it maybe my experience in being a jewelry artist as to why I wouldn't. I could see however someone who is new and has limited inventory going for a grouping like this. Might help guide their vision. I think it depends on who you are marketing them to. A artist just getting their feet wet or someone with more experience. For me I would just like to buy the pendant and not all the extra beads. Great Question.

moonlitfantaseas said...

I think its a great idea! Because like you said not everyone has a local bead store to get the extras they might need to coordinate with their purchases from you. I myself would like the option a lot. And I have noticed a lot of bead artists have been doing this

Copper Diem said...

I think i would just like the art beads. but art bead sets are always awesome!

Michelle W said...

I love that idea! I don't have access to many bead stores and having cordinating beads to go with your beautiful handmade beads would be wonderful!

Phyllis said... 2 cents...I am wondering if it might deter people from ordering artisan beads if the price is higher because of the additional items. Maybe you could give an option to purchase an add-on of bead stash at a very reasonable price if they purchase an item. As always, you could list a destash w/o the extra art bead purchase, too.

Maplegirl said...

I like the idea. I love a mix of materials, and options are always fun to have on hand to choose from. I would be interested to see what you would group with your handmade pieces. Andrea

KayzKreationz said...

I think it's a great idea. Although a bead shop finally opened up about 20 miles from me I think it would be great to already have a few coordinating beads mixed in/sent with the bead I buy. And then of course it's my choice whether to use them or not. Plus it adds to my stash. LOL

WhimzicalGrace said...

Great Idea! I would pick some of those up for my
Hand Beaded Jewelry
If I wasn't already so overloaded!

Carlene said...

Hi Anne,
Extras that match are always a good idea unless someone buys pieces with a project from their won stash in mind. I think you could go both ways, maybe list some with and some alone. That would appeal to both groups. And I liked the idea Phyllis had about listing the extras as a destash. And maybe say which beads it will coordiate with. But this might make a whole bunch more work for you. It's a tough call.

Regina said...

I think it is a good idea, it is difficult to buy all of the beads that I think would look good together, but if they are already mixed together and all one has to do is create with the mix.. that would be good.

Malin de Koning said...

Dear Anne, my spontaneous answer is simply ... no, I don't like the idea. And I think you could sell your destash beads in sets anyway, but without combining them with your art beads. And even in the same shop. You could do fairly large sets, or small. The reason why I think this is that I like to create my own combos. I buy art beads and other beads seperately from each other, and then I combine them. It is something that I really really enjoy in the designing process. I would definately be interested in buying destash sets from you. But all this is just me, I don't know, or I can't guess, if the concept would in fact be successful business wise. Could you do a search on Etsy for others that do combined sets like that, and check if they have sold a lot in their sold section. A little industrial espionage ... ;) but of course very light weight, since it is all open information anyway.

Boot ~C said...

in my own experience I like to buy destash lots just on their own merit.(what is it about other's leftover bits & bobs?)

Ann Schroeder said...

I would buy sets of art beads with other coordinating beads. It might give me a good idea for a design. If not, I would still enjoy having extra beads for some design later. If I am buying the set primarily for the art bead(s), it would be a color I like, so the other beads would certainly come in handy at some point.

Patti said...

I think it would be better to not sell them together.

Anonymous said...

I am a brand new beader...just learning the skill. Glad I met you at the Marlborough show! Your handmade beads are certainly beautiful and unique.
You pose an interesting question but I don't have a definitve yes/no answer. Some people will be looking for specific hand made art beads to complete their project. However, others may appreciate some co-ordinating beads and stones to add to their creation or expand their stash. Offering both options would give the buyer more choices. Lori

Karen L said...

I apologize if this is the second time this message is left.
I think offering up a collection is a great idea. Or, you can make up color coordinated collections without a focal piece and let folks choose a coordinating focal piece.
I enjoyed shopping at your booth in Marlborough. See you in the fall.

Beverly Moreau said...

Like some of the comments that were left before, I think offering the customer a choice would satify everyone. If someone wanted the coordinating beads they could buy them and if not, just the focal or artisan bead.
It was a pleasure talking with you in Marlborough and I hope to use some of your enamel pieces in my designs that I will be working on this week. Looking forward to seeing you in the fall.
Beads By Bev