Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's headed to the shop today

Here is a sneak peek at what is headed to the shop today.

Unless something comes up, it will be before 6pm, check back on this blog and my facebook page where I will let you know when my listings go live.

Here is something NEW I am will be offering in this weeks weekly special, click on the weekly special section in the shop to get there fast.

I am calling these Enamel Sample Packs, these are NOT seconds. I thought this would be a good way for my customers on the fence about enamel to play with a few of my components at a reduced cost.

When I am matching up all my pairs and sets I will have extras.  Since every session at the torch yields slightly different results it is difficult and too time consuming to try and match these up.

There are 10 pieces per pack, and the actual value of these packs are $32 each. I will be selling them for $12 each.

Here is the hitch....

- I get to randomly pick which pack you receive, sorry no requests.

- There are no matched pairs, but if you like asymmetrical earrings they have potential.

Remember these are all top quality, no seconds. All my seconds hit the trash. 

This glass does this all by itself, I love it.

Some of you may have seen my above experiments on facebook last week, I have left some of the copper on these slightly domed discs exposed. The patina you see is all done with heat no chemicals,
I took Staci's advice and did not apply any sealer because number one, the more steps involved the higher the cost, and number two I could not bear to put wax over the enamel.

These have been pickled to remove any fire scale and then tumbled in steel shot for an hour. There are no loose bits of patina and it will not rub off unless you take some serious elbow grease to it.

But for your customers with metal allergies make sure you tell them these are not sealed. I would just gently buff them with a soft cloth if you need to, I would not use any metal polish.

Well I liked the tiny disc so much I tried the same technique on the larger discs, and I love the results.
Both sides of these components are different so you can pick which one you like.

This is another NEW component. I usually have to manipulate my stampings in some way like adding a hole or removing tiny bits that I know will not hold the enamel well. I am now doming some of the stampings, I anneal the metal first and then use my doming tool. It adds an extra step but the doming is so much easier after annealing the metal.

 Of course some heart pairs for Valentine's Day. I love how the enamel and copper highlights the etching on this piece.

I started making some headpins yesterday, I love textures, these look like little pinwheels. In this photo I wanted to show you that even though the texture is stamped on one side of the glass if the glass is transparent the design will show on both sides. This is actually the side that is not textured, so if your glass headpins swing around you will still see the design.

Well I better start listing or it will be later than I promised.

Hope to see you later.


stacilouise said...

Great post! Glad I could help to save you some time. I almost never seal the backs of my metal unless there is a patina to seal. Good luck with your mix bags, they look yummy!!!!