Monday, January 28, 2013

Shipping fee changes

It may sound a little lame but I do get a thrill when I have customers from France, Britain, Australia, Canada, Dubai, and many more countries.

Just last week the majority of my orders were international so you can imagine my shock when I was creating my shipping labels that the cost had more than doubled for my international customers.

I really don't know what this will do for my international customers, hopefully this segment will continue to grow. But I totally understand if it does not.

Tonight I went through all my items in the shop and changed my shipping fees.

United States is the same at $2.50
European Union $10
Australia $10
Canada $7

Everywhere else is $10

Please check out Brittany's Best Blog for a helpful calculator to see what your new shipping fees may be. My average package weight is about 6 oz.

Ways I can ease the pain:

- I will never charge for additional items.

- If your order is $50 or more I will deduct $2.50 from your shipping fees.

- When I find out the exact postage amount and it is less than what you paid I will refund the difference.

- If the postage is over the amount by $1 I will cover it, if it is more I will notify you via etsy and send you invoice for the difference.

- I have rarely covered the expense of my packaging, and it looks like that will continue to be the case. I chalk it up to the cost of doing business.

- I always ask if you want your package insured if it is worth $100 or more. In this case I will keep the $2.50 refund for insurance and pay any difference.

- I have a new weekly special section in the shop which I will be updating every Wednesday (Check my shop announcement for exact dates). The specials last for only one week, when they are replaced by a new shop special. So if you are interested in the item act within the week. 

Listing Schedule for February

I will be out of town attending a glass workshop in Florida from the 18-25th, I am very excited. But because of this it will not be an every other Wednesday listing month. So please mark the following dates on your calendar.

Shop updates

Wednesday, February 6th

Thursday, February 28th

Wednesday weekly specials

* These specials only last from Wednesday till they are replaced the following Wednesday with a new special.

Wednesday, February 6th, 13th, and 27th.