Thursday, November 15, 2012

Busy week

I checked out the shop and made an executive decision that the demands on my time needed to bump new listings for the week.

The past two weeks I have been heavily restocking the shop with glass and enamel choices. I have enough "business experience" now to know how busy things get this time of year, so stocking up early in the holiday season seems to work best for me and hopefully for you as well.

As some of you know my daughter is a senior in high school so the college process is in full swing, especially since she opted for early decision for her first choice college.

So last week was full of audition prep and jitters. She wants to be a music therapist and since it is a part of the music department it involves a complex audition. Her instrument is her voice so she had to preform a song in Italian, Spanish, and English. There was a music theory test, sight singing, and piano evaluation. I know she did well with the voice audition which was the most important one.
 So now is the waiting game and preparing for Plan B colleges.

This weekend is their high school musical, so it is another stressful and busy week. But exciting and bittersweet since this will be her last high school musical. I'm much more hands off the past couple years ( my daughter probably has a different opinion) which has been difficult but a necessary process for me to go through.

" Thank goodness for my beads and studio time" is my mantra. It makes me feel as if I have a purpose as I am transitioning to an empty nester. I know it sounds a bit sappy but all of you are making this transition easier for me.

So there will be two more dates for 2012 where I will be listing new items in the shop. I have listed them in my shop announcement and they are Thursday, November 29th and December 6th.

I will continue to take custom orders up until the week before Christmas, so get on the list if you need something before the holidays. 

My shop will remain open throughout the holidays and I will be around to ship items. With the exception of next week which is Thanksgiving. I will be traveling, so if you need something quick my last shipping day for Thanksgiving week will be Monday.

I also have a jewelry show coming up in December, so I always tend to get a little paralyzed at the thought of designing jewelry. I tend to get a serious case of ADD when designing jewelry, my problem is too many ideas and its hard for my to settle on any one theme.

But I just need to begin, and stop over thinking the whole mess.

Please enjoy the existing inventory I have in the shop, and let me know if you need anything special.

Good luck with all of your busy schedules this time of year.