Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Treat

Sorry for the delay in letting you all know that there were no new listings today. I listed everything I had not destined for a show last week.

However this weekend is my last bead show for 2012, so next Wednesday, November 7th will be a big listing day especially for glass.

I still wanted to give you a treat this week so if you have been following my facebook or my Introduction in my etsy store you already know....

There is 15% off everything in the Gardannebeads shop starting today and will continue for a full 10 days!!!

I have extended the sale for 10 days because it just would be mean to add new beads to the shop next Wednesday and then stop the sale.

So before you check out of etsy make sure you add the coupon code


and 15% will automatically be deducted from your order.

You still get free shipping for all orders over $50, but you cannot combine this coupon with any existing coupons you may have.

We survived Hurricane Sandy with minimal damage, it is amazing how huge the storm was. I kept thinking it was not going to impact us until it was almost nothing today, then I realized that the the storm was over 900 miles wide. So on Monday we had 40 mph winds with gusts up to 60+ mph plus a couple inches of rain. Our home backs up to a wooded area so we did have a top of a tree bounce off the roof and land on the deck, but nothing major. It is amazing how powerful those winds are the tree was a foot wide at the top and it traveled quite far before it landed.

So our plans to visit Fredonia State on Lake Erie were put on hold and the teen had a day off of school since our county was in a state of emergency. I am sure they had to evacuate folks on Lake Ontario, the waves were 20 feet. It's times like this when I realize how huge those Great Lakes are and they do behave like an ocean during bad weather.

Charlotte Beach, Rochester, NY

Enough tricks mother nature, back to treats and enjoy the sale.