Friday, October 19, 2012

New Listings are in the shop

Tonight I have just listed the ivy, oak leaf, and maple leaf pairs in the shop.

Tis the season with the leaves falling everywhere. Leaves will always be in my shop year round, I personally think they are always in season.

I am loving this way of listing multiples, I am able to list 22 items but offer you 70 items. I have also been pleased with the consistent results I get at the torch when I make the groupings during the same torch session. 

I always show pictures of both sides of my enameled pieces. Both sides are enameled and come out quite differently, so you can pick which side you want to show in your jewelry designs.


Kristen said...

Oh Anne these leaves are stunning!!!!!

Monica said...

Wow!!! I like it!

Eve Smith said...

these look amazing,

Rebecca said...

Wow! I loooooove these leaves!