Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Beads just listed

Thanks to the feedback I received from my recent giveaway question I am expanding your choices of how to purchase Gardanne beads.

My question was...

How do you feel about made to order beads, and how long would you be willing to wait for your order?

• The most surprising answer to this question was that you all overwhelming were fine with as much as a two week waiting period. You are all a lot more patient than me.

• Of course good communication was very important to all of you, and if there were any delays you would need to be notified immediately. Good communication comes under the umbrella of good service which is very important to me as a seller and a customer.

When I explored ready made vs made to order in my own studio my gut told me that my enamel choices would be in the made to order category and my glass would have to be ready made.

Well the opposite happened...

I discovered that when making the enameled components I could get consistent results if they were made during the same torch session. But if I combined beads that were the same color, but made during different torch sessions there was too much variability. 

For me personally each time I sit at the torch I may hold the bead in a different area of the flame, maybe I will dip the red hot bead in the enamel at a different angle, and I will probably randomly layer colors on the bead depending on what is in front of me and my mood.

So you will see in the shop tonight some different ways I will be listing my enamel beads and components. For example, the 16mm filigree beads shown above will now be sold per bead. This way you can choose the exact amount you want, these beads are all ready made and your beads will be picked from the lot shown in the photos. These lots have all been made during the same torch session to insure consistency. So if you want a matched pair for earrings you can be assured that any two beads chosen from that lot will match.

When I run out of beads in that lot I will create a new group of beads and take new photos.

So even though you don't know the exact bead you will be receiving I can guarantee it will be one of the beads shown in the photos.

If you need more beads than are available in the lots shown we can treat it like a custom order. I always let my customers know when to expect their order to be completed, and I always provide photos for approval before purchase.

This is one of my new filigrees I am offering in the shop. I love to use these as components in earrings, that is why I sell them in pairs. Just add an ear wire for the top and a dangle for the bottom and you are done.

Just as I previously stated I am offering more than one quantity of these pairs that have been created at the same time to guarantee a match. I will always show a grouping in the photos that your pair will be picked from.

With Fall upon us, I am going to be enameling every possible shape and size of leaf I can get my hands on. These are little oak leaves that I will be offering in matched pairs, again great for earrings.

Here is an another NEW enameled component in the Gardanne shop I am calling Fairy Bells. These are like my tulip buds but a little bigger. In fact the little tulip buds I sell nest beautifully into these Fairy Bells. I am also selling these per piece so you can get what you need, the groupings shown all match so if you purchase a pair they will work together.

This method of listing for some of my products has saved me so much time listing on etsy.

Thanks for visiting the shop tonight, and I would love to know what you think of this new way I am listing some of my products. Any feedback would be welcomed.