Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm Back

It was a great weekend workshop with Gail Crosman Moore (those are her talented hands). This workshop was organized by Andrew Thornton and hopefully is the first of many more creative retreats that Andrew will plan. I am so thrilled to have an opportunity to attend workshops of this caliber in the Northeast.

I will have more details about my weekend in another post. 

Some housekeeping:

Unfortunately after several comments left on Sabine's blog, and I think her Mother's I have not heard from her, there was no other contact information. So unless I hear from her before tomorrow morning at 9am, I will be picking another giveaway winner. I have heard from a very excited Kimberly, but I still have one goodie bag left.

Thursday I will be adding new items to the shop, thanks for the extra day to prepare. 

I will be introducing a new way to purchase my enameled filigree beads:

- I will be selling them individually so you can purchase exactly what you need. 

- I will be pulling them from a lot of beads I have already made, so they will be ready for shipment as soon as I receive the order.

- If you would like more than what is available in a particular lot I will treat it like a custom order. I am planning on 5 business days for made to order beads. But as with all of my custom orders, I will let you know exactly when to expect your order, and I always send photos for approval for custom orders.

Each lot of enameled filigree beads are made during the same torch session so I can assure consistency if you are purchasing beads that need to match. I have found that at each torch session the beads come out slightly different, so I will have a new photo for each lot. You may not receive the exact bead that is in the photo but it will be from the same lot and the same torch session, and therefore very similar.

This will decrease my time spent listing items in the shop and therefore keep my costs down, which I can then pass on to you.

 Over time I will be introducing different glass and enamel beads and components that can fit into this category. They have to be beads that I can consistently make to look similar. There will some glass and enamel beads that will never fit into this category. Most of my work is made without a plan in mind, and the last thing I want is to do is get into production mode. That would take all the fun out of it for me.

Check my blog and facebook tomorrow for ???maybe??? another giveaway winner. Then check the blog and facebook this Thursday as well, so you will know when I have listed new items in the shop.


belvedere beads said...

I can't wait to hear all about your weekend classes!