Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shop housekeeping

I have activated a new etsy payment feature in my shop. 

You are now able to pay through etsy with a credit card, paypal is always available. Several of my customers have used this method of payment, I am so glad you find it convenient to have more payment options. The one difference with this feature for me is a cannot generate a paid shipping label, I miss that benefit. 

What that means for you is there no automatic tracking when you pay with a credit card, if you would like order confirmation let me know in the message to seller section and I will let you know how much that will add to your shipping.

Tracking is still available when I generate a shipping label through paypal.

Some of you may have noticed that my shop was briefly on vacation (it's open now). I wanted to close the shop so I could  do a quick inventory of my items, I noticed that some of the items in the shop were not in my inventory. This happened because etsy now puts inactive items into the expired area when they expire so I was renewing items that were no longer available. Fortunately I caught it before anyone purchased something from the shop that did not exist. FYI to some of you sellers out there.

Anyway the shop is open again, my next shop update will be next Wednesday, July 25th. 

I will also always have the next new listing date posted in my shop announcement. If you like this every other week restocking, I may extend it beyond the summer let me know? When I stock every other week I can provide you with more new items, instead of a smaller number every week.

Have a good week and stay cool.